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That all the trilobites are extinct?

Is this an attempt at a koan -- how can we be "sure" of anything?

If it is serious, then you should simply do a little research.
Trilobites of a wide variety of types were commonly seen in fossil
records up to the end of the Permain, about 250 million years ago. At
that time perhaps 90% of all species were eliminated. Given that they
haven't been seen since it is as sure as anything can be that they
will not somehow turn up again.

They have them in Tasmania, the thylacines eat them at low tide if the wind
is in the east and they cannot catch moas.

Which they can't, moas being in New Zealand and both being extinct, like
the trilobites... oh, I see.

The population is saved by donations from Girl Scouts who provide the
thylacines with some moas.

Ah, the Tiny Trilobite question...

"Sir, may I please have some moa?"

You are obviously wrong. Trilobites are parasitic to Polynesians.
What the trilobites are actually saying is "Sir, may I please have