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Now that iaoua iaoua has galloped off to his long-delayed doom, and
have little left for entertainment, I was wondering if any of you
foreign types have watched any of the Republican debates. Any
comments? See what we're up against.

From here, it looks like if they choose Romney, there's a chance he
may win
(he at least seems sane, and I get the sense he's playing to the
with some of what he says), but surely Gingrich has no chance
president, even if selected? Somebody like that would scare me. But
thought it was encouraging that the more obviously deranged
with the exception of Santorum, have dropped out or have no chance.

In American politics, never, ever say someone has no chance of

"It's a great country, where anybody can grow up to be president...
except me." --Barry Goldwater

Well, not me either; or Paul Gans neither. Everyone can google what we

You are so right.

Most people would consider me left.

Then howcome they let you live on that other newsgroup?
The canon balls pass right through me.

Perhaps I should try that.  But I never realized that they were
canon balls.  I thought they were monkey poo.  But it occurs to
me that they are the same thing...   ;-)

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Is that bishop's testicles?

Could be. I never caught one out of fear they belonged to the monkey.

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