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An olive tree would not have been in the flood of Noah for a year
beause they can grow at lofty elevations in
Armenia. The water took 150 days to go up and then
150 days to drain off, which means that a tree growing
just below the tree line or a little lower would be one of
the last trees to be covered up by a rising flood, and
one of the first trees to be uncovered as the flood

Do the math, Suzanne.  It's elementary.

Jillery, it would be difficult to do the math because we don't know
exactly how fast the flood drained off, whether the mountains grew
taller during the flood due to volcanic activity, or if they would
have become shorter as some speculate due to plate tectonics
movements, or if they kept their
pre-flood height. What we do know
from the biblical description is that
the tops of the mountains were
seen in the tenth month, so the water had been already draining off
for some time. Also, the flood did not start in the first month of the
year, but in the second month. So,
the water was already draining off 9 months later instead of 10 months
later. Now....

The ark "rested" on the mountain (s)
in the 7th month, which says to me
that the flood was already draining
somewhat when that happened.
The dove would not likely have landed on the inhospitable tops of
Ararat Mts., but would have searched for ground on which she
could feed, most probably. Noah
may have sent her out when the tops of the mountains were seen,
but it took at least a week before
she found an olive leaf to bring
back, so the water had to fall low
enough for her to find a high
meadow or an olive tree which
would be at a lower level if planted,
or an olive tree still living and/or a
sprouting log from an olive tree. She found the olive leaf two weeks
after she was sent out the first time.
All we know is that the whole of the
flood was on the earth 150 days
with the flood going up, and 150
days when the flood was going down.But all the trees on earth were
not underwater for a year, since
some of them were covered up with water last, and uncovered first when
the water started going down.