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Who am I?
Note: With all respects to David. If you think this is an
off-topic I will change this post to off-topic. I've got a
feeling that many of the science that we know is all false
or is errored so I want to test each and every scientific
measurement and laws those we use in our daily life by
myself. If science we know is errorfree we would have known
everything about ourselves by now. I hope to get an answer
before I leave this world. If I am not able to get it, you
all world next to come feel free to use this knowledge for
any constructive cause.
Why I feel this question is on topic? The science that you
are quoting has only truly started from the day I Started to
realise. All the technical jargon you all are starting
started from me. You all live because I am alive you all
will die when I die ,)
What sort of English is this?
Religious nonsense filtered through a non-native, non-fluent
Me top tinker in my village of thousand plus. Many wives I
have. Please to thank honourable governess for my winkie. So
sorry for many mistake English I make. Meye god how they walk
Ah, another in UC's long tradition of making fun of anyone
different from himself.

And I'm damned good at it! LOL

What's the name for the phenomenon of the incompetent failing to
realize that they're incompetent? I just can't seem to recall it
right now

Sounds similar to "The Peter Principle", where one rises to the
level of one's incompetence. But I'm not sure if that's what
you're thinking of.


Kruger, Justin; David Dunning (1999). "Unskilled and Unaware of It:
How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to
Inflated Self-Assessments". Journal of Personality and Social
Psychology 77 (6): 1121-34.

Yeah, start with "climate scientists".

You are a walking moral lesson. That is, if you can walk.

Of course he can walk. What is in doubt is whether he can fart at the
same time.