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The thread "Long time readers ... " brings to my mind how
the anti-evolution crowd here on T.O has deteriorated in
the past 15 years.  Back then there were at least a dozen
or so who would seriously attempt to rebut ToE with
arguments that took genuine thought to answer.

Google's archives don't go back that far,

The google group archive for goes gack to 9/1986.

After reading through the archive, I can safely say since around 1996
it has been the evolutionist's posts that have denegerated into a sea
of atheistic inaccuracies and innanities.

Over the last 24 months the google search feature for google groups
doesn't kick up much of anything unless the search parameters are
fairly broad. I'm obviously doing something wrong. And I haven't
been able to finese the google search back early than January 2000.
What's the trick to get back further?

Thanks in advance.

T Pagano

Fortunatly however, there does seem to be a core element of
evolutionists that still post here and that are quite intelligent.

This core element does not include you or "your side".



and I can only
name one such poster -- "Julie", but there were others
who attempted to engage in serious debate.  Many were
borderline crackpots, and some, like Ed Conrad, far over
the borderline.

The closest the current crop comes to an actual debater
is <gasp> Tony Pagano.  <ducks a barrage of rotten eggs
and overripe tomatoes>  But even Tony has deteriorated.
He used to be willing to make a rudimentary exchange of
ideas; nowadays he just brushes serious ideas aside and
claims victory.  (Shades of Mark Harpt!)

The others are a profound disappointment.  ASI, Great Dayne
and his family of nyms, Nashton, Ray, and most lately George
are all not to be taken seriously as critics.  At best (or worst,
depending on your point of view), they represent nuisances
that must be dealt with.  (It's a dirty job, but somebody has to
do it.)

And where were the really interesting characters like Jabriol,
Peter Nyikos, John P Boatwrong, Ted Holden, and the one
whose name shall never again be mentioned?  (There are so
many more; please don't be offended if I failed to mention you!)

There were also many whose contributions I miss: PZ, Andrew
MacRae, Larry Moran, Tracy Hamilton, Richard Harter (Who has
not disappeared entirely, but can no longer be counted as a regular),
Wade Hines (Who reamed my poorer posts more than once), and
Wesley Ellsberry all come readily to mind.

Of course, there are many worthwhile posters whose continuing
contributions I value highly.  I hesitate to mention any names for
fear of snubbing somebody. (As though my opinion on the matter
has more value than a bucket of warm spit.)

Alas!  As briefly alluded to in one of my replies to Sapient Fridge,
there are some on "our side" whose posts I don't value.  Naming
them would serve little purpose, and would only invite a flame war.



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