Re: Newsflash: "Expelled" scientists get a second chance!

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On April 18th the world will learn the dirty truth about how
scientists have been "expelled" from publishing their alternative
ideas. By then the point will be moot, however, because those
scientists will have been given a second chance. While Ben Stein
merely reports the discrimination, I hereby do something to eliminate

The good news is that those scientists have some impressive company.
Dr. William Dembski himself has been "expelled." But instead of
whining, and pathetically looking to a science-illiterate actor for
help, Dembski took control of his own destiny. Before it became
fashionable to whine about "Darwinists" and play the ultra-pathetic
"nazi" card, here's what he said:

"I've just gotten kind of blase about submitting things to journals
where you often wait two years to get things into print. And I find I
can actually get the turnaround faster by writing a book and getting
the ideas expressed there. My books sell well. I get a royalty. And
the material gets read more."

If you think you have been "expelled" your prayers have been answered.

Just make sure to send the check to me, not Stein.

If the schools are to teach intelligent design, they must surely be
required to teachPandeismas well.... after all, the pandeistic
possibility of a God 1) creating laws of physics that permit chemical
abiogenesis and evolution by natural selection, 2) sacrificing its
ongoing Godhood by becoming the Universe in which these laws operate,
and 3) necessarily leaving the resultant Universe to develop by random
chance have been mathematically demonstrated to be at least as
probable as a God-model in which God's existence is in some way
separate from the Universe!!- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

See my reply to Paul Hands.

AIUI, "Expelled" is not about teachers being "expelled" from teaching
pseudoscience, but (pseudo)scientists being "expelled" either from (1)
getting funds to conduct "research" that is guaranteed to be
unproductive, or (2) publishing misleading claims.

AIUI, Richard von Sternberg was one of the examples of an "expelled"
"scientist." Which is the height of chutzpah, because he was the one
who helped Stephen Meyer with a "peer review" of a paper that added
absolutely nothing to the knowledge base but misrepresentation of
previous research. The journal even apologized for publishing such

My point is that these people can and do beat the system, and still
whine about being "shut out".

Oh that was an observation about the topic in general, not an
invective directed at you.... really those who would have any kind of
faith-based theory funded or taught must concede to having _all_ of
them funded or taught, indeed?

Actually the major activists these days don't want *any* of them
taught (not directly, at least). Why risk exposing the mutual
contradictions between YEC and OEC, let alone non-Biblical accounts
(e.g. Vedic - modern humans 100s of millions of years ago)? Why risk
exposing the weaknesses of *them*, especially when that can be done
without the cherry-picking of evidence, baiting-and-switching
definitions and concepts, and quote mining that is required to make
evolution look weak?


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