MAN-MADE REMAINS IN COAL-A variety of man-made objects have also been found in coal. Here are five of them:

The Hammer is only one out of many,
Here are some more:

MAN-MADE REMAINS IN COAL-A variety of man-made objects have also been
found in coal. Here are five of them:

1 - Gold Chain. In 1891, a lady in Morrisville, Illinois, accidentally
dropped a shovelful of coal onto the floor while carrying it to her
stove. A large chunk of coal broke open, exposing an intricately
structured gold chain "neatly coiled and embedded."

Originally reported in the Morrisonville, Illinois Times, of June 11,
1891, the 10-inch [25.4 cm] chain was found to be composed of eight-
carat gold. When the coal broke apart, part of the chain remained in
each piece, holding them together. Thus there is no possibility that
the chain had been dropped into the pile of coal.

2 - Steel Cube. In 1885 at Isidor Braun's foundry in Vocklabruck,
Austria, a block of coal was broken and a small steel cube fell out.
It had a deep incision around it and the edges were rounded on two of
its faces. The owner's son took it to the Linz Museum in Austria, but
later it was lost. A cast of the cube still remains at the museum
(Andrew Tomas, We Are Not the First, 1971, p. 44).

3 - Iron Pot. In 1912, two employees of the Municipal Electric Plant
in Thomas, Oklahoma, were working with some coal that had been mined
near Wilburton, Oklahoma. One chunk was too large for the furnace, so
it was hit with a sledge and it immediately broke open. An iron pot
fell out, leaving an impression (mold) of its shape in the coal. An
affidavit was filled out by the two witnesses and the pot was
photographed. The pot has been seen by thousands of people (Creation
Research Society Quarterly, March 1971, p. 201).

4 - Child's Spoon. While still a child, in 1937, Mrs. Myrna A.
Burdick, together with her mother found a child's spoon in soft
Pennsylvania coal. A picture of it is to be found in Creation Research
Society Quarterly, for June 1976 (page 74). Her address was listed as
1534 Kearney Street, Casper, Wyoming 82601.

5 - Wedge-shaped Object. A wedge-shaped metallic object was found
inside a piece of coal (Proceedings of the Society of Antiquarians of
Scotland, Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 121).