Re: introduce just ONE aleph-one infinity

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consider space


what is on the other side of where space ends? nothing, more space

Then that's not where space ends, is it?

space is an infinite set of three infinite sets {x,y,z}
each set has a cardinality of aleph-one,

You can certainly use a three coordinate sets of aleph1 to map space,
but it hasn't been proved necessary. Below the Planck length, space
may well be discrete, rather than continuous.

the total set, aleph-three

Nope. aleph1 ^ 3 is aleph1. aleph3 is 2 ^ 2 ^ aleph1

but aleph-one is greater than aleph-zero, so it is uncountable
this means the set of all real things, is at least equal to aleph-three
(since {reality}={space,etc.})
if something is not countable it is indeterminate, indeterminate does not
necessarily mean random, it means it cannot be determined, an uncertainty
this means all we can conceive or perceive of reality is uncertainty
everything else is not conceived is perceived, it is just thought
no finite math like calculus and physics can address infinite sets

Nonsense. You just claimed that there are an uncountably infinite
number of points between my PC and yours, yet the bits seem to get
there anyway.

this means physics and biology and evolution, etc., are just thoughts
the mere study of these things is indeterminate, and just conjecture
quantum mechanics, by this consideration can only collapse into the same
uncertainty from which it came

You have mastered the comma. Perhaps you should now study the use of
the full stop before you advance to quantum mechanics. Seriously, what
you wrote makes no sense.

I am a realist, I believe there is a greater reality, but the only thing
we will ever know about it, is uncertainty, everything culpable thing we
think we know, is just a manifestation of ourselves, including the others
around us

All knowledge is provisional. This is not news. Only the fundies
dispute this.

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