Re: Lewontin: "NS explains nothing because it explains everything".

"Ray Martinez" <pyramidial@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have snipped your deliberate evasion of Dennett via nonsense. Your
tactic confirms the inability to refute. I challenge any other Group
member to take up the cause with me.

Ray, have failed to back up your claim. Augray did not "evade", he asked
you to support your claim.

The real purpose of this post is to let you know that the Lewontin
quote is not a quote mine after all. Its free standing.

It was a quote mine, Ray. You know this, and you even admitted it.

You and Dana are exposed to be spamming the issue with subjective

What "spamming" Ray? You didn't bother to check up your reference, and got
caught. Now you are trying to blame others.

shocked by Lewontin's fact.

Lewontin's "fact" is not shocking. His words were taken out of context.

I am willing to calmly discuss
this with or anyone, but you and Dana are way too angry, which again,
proves the quote was not taken out of context.

Ah, the "you are angry, so I won't talk to you" evasion. How cowardly can
you get, Ray?

You, yourself admitted the quote was out of context. Now you are trying to
back out of that admission.

Face it Ray, you were taken in, and don't have the courage to admit you were