Re: In the News: Evolution is not up for debate

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>> The United States of America gathers its authority from "inalienable
>> rights endowed by the Creator". No Creator... no rights... no state
>> authority... no legal basis for courts to decide anything (like
>> religion in the classroom).
> Silly misunderstanding. Who told you this? This phrase is from the
> Declaration of Independence, the document in which the founding fathers
> explained to the world why they were doing what they were doing; there
> was yet no documented foundation for the new government. They saw the
> need to explain themselves to the world (unlike our current president,
> BTW, who eschews any obligation to explain himself to anybody).

Nonsense. Your current President also believes that he and his country
were endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable wrights. :-)

> Until the time of the American revolution, the kings sat on Earthly
> thrones because, nearly everyone asserted, the King of Heaven approved.
> The founding fathers were claiming that any right of a people were
> inherent in their own nature (whether given to them by God or
> otherwise), and there was no divine right of kings to rule them.

The founding fathers inherited this principle from their English
friends who believed the same thing. The principle was established in
1215 (Magna Carta).

Larry Moran