Re: Is god(s) a valid concept?

On Jan 4, 12:00 pm, Toby A Inkster <usenet200...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Ron Peterson wrote:
I think that Buddhism is a religion and all religions are theistic in

Personally I would say that Buddhism is a philosophy that most of its
adherents follow as a religion. I do think that it's possible to follow
the teachings of Buddhism without being religious, and certainly without
believing in any deities.

A god shouldn't be interpreted as something that is necessarily
worshipped (what ever that means).

Is a teapot a god? If not, why not?

To my knowledge, no religion considers a teapot as a source of
authority for its dogma. Hence, it isn't a god for any religion.

I think that if you don't include "worshipability" in your definition of a
god, then your definition becomes too encompassing.

Satan is a god that isn't worshipped.