Counseling is not giving advice

Counseling and Advice
Advice is not counseling and counseling is not advice. There is an
important difference between the counseling and the advice. In fact,
it is a big problem to teach the counselors that while counseling they
should avoid giving advice to the counselees (those who seek
counseling). Generally, during the course of counseling the counselors
provide solutions to the counselees. And this becomes providing
advices. This is not counseling.

Advice is telling your counselees what you think is best for them. It
means giving people directives as to what to do next, what is best for
them etc. Advice is the opinion of an expert for you. It is judgmental
in nature.

In the process of giving advice, counselees are not so much thinking
for themselves for solving their own problems, but they generally
follow the lead of someone else i.e. the expert having session with
them. Sometimes good advice is exactly what someone needs when they
can’t seem to solve a problem on their own. Counseling is more about
mechanism how to solve the problems. It helps people learn how to
solve problems on their own and give themselves their own advice!

Counseling is the process of helping people learn to identify their
own issues and resolve those issues on their own. During the
counseling process, a counselor will ask open ended questions that
lead the counselee to his or her own conclusions and solutions.
Counseling is a more long term relationship between a counselee and a
counselor. The counselee's past, as well as his/ her thought processes
will be examined. Unhealthy thought processes that lead towards
negative behaviors will be replaced with healthy thought processes.

One reason professional counseling seeks to avoid giving straight
advice is that when the directives do not work out for the counselee;
the counselee may resent the counselor or anyone else who told him or
her what to do. When the counselee derives his or her own solutions,
there is no one to blame but him or herself, which is what is

Of course, if a counselor gets the feeling that a counselee is off
track in his or her solutions, more open ended questions, or non-
judgmental comments will be issued from the counselor to help keep the
counselee on track.

So please be aware that when you ask for Advice, on this website or
any other, and a counselor replies, that counselor is replying with
their own personal opinion with a background as a professional
counselor, but not in the mode of professional counselor.

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