Re: Why do Seniors worship the AARP?

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We don't buy any AARP sponsored product or service. But we sure like
those discounts we get when we show the card. Some of our local stores
give discounts up to 15% to AARP members.

Can you give some examples of stores and businesses that give the
discounts. Hotel discounts alone will do me no good, because I have
not stayed in a hotel in 20 years, do not travel, and have no
intention to do so. I have also noticed tv commercials that they have
cell phone discounts, which is something else I have no need for.

Discounts for normal staples, such as food, household products,
clothing, and other daily needs would be much more useful. For
example, so they have any discounts at stores like Target, Kmart,
Walmart, Kohls, Home Depot, Walgreens, Best Buy, or any grocery
stores, etc.? This is where I do most shopping.
Is there a list available where they offer their discounts?

In reply to some other comments posted on here, I was actually quite
offended when I got membership mail at the age of 50. I was not
eligible for a senior discount at any restaurants, yet AARP wanted my
business. At least now I am a "real" senior according to what most
people believe.

I am also aware of the AARP political stance issues. Personally I
dislike politics, but at the same time I tend to avoid organizations
who use their power to sway voters. I also vote for candidates, not
for their party.


My supermarket has a card you present at checkout and that
is the way to take advantage of any discounts available that day.
They also send me coupons every couple of months that can be
turned in for actual dollar amounts off of any order. This is
not too onerous to use but I don't believe for a minute that I
actually save a lot because the supermarket's prices are hardly
the best. I shop there because it is very close to my apartment
for staples like detergents, toilet paperand such and buy my food at
Trader Joe's and Henry's Marketplace, a sort of mini Whole Foods

Supermarkets and pharmacies issue these cards nowadays but if you
forget yours you can give a phone number and get the discount anyway.

So there is something about this system that seems on the phony
side to me. Lower prices every day would be far better but they
want you to think you are really getting something special.