Re: Southerners

Nantz wrote:
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Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ

Interesting. I was surprised to find that liberals are more likely to
help a stranger and conservatives are more likely to help their own.

Not me. They've always been a selfish lot.

Although, in this group, it's the liberals who actually volunteer the
most so I shouldn't be surprised. I guess I'm thinking the churches
help a lot of people and obviously they are conservative more than

Think about individuals, not organizations. Liberals care about
people. Conservatives just want to hang on to "their" money.

This business of liberals being more loyal to their partners also
surprised me. But then when I think of all the political adultry etc
it's usually (but not always) the conservatives isn't it. Hmmm.


Perhaps................liberals are..............more careful ???