Re: The Colorful World Of Tropical Fish (PHOTOS)

Nantz wrote:
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The Colorful World Of Tropical Fish (PHOTOS)

Civis Romanus Sum

My aquarium is doing fine with tetras and a couple frogs. For a while
it was getting pretty "foggy" in there until I stopped keeping the
light on all day. Algae need light to grow.

I do get a kick out of the tiny brown frogs as they're so friendly.


I go through cycles, several years apart, of keeping tropical fish (usually a 30 gal long) and then giving up on it all. Time passes, memory fades, and I get another tank, etc. I could never manage to keep that cursed algae away. Keep the tank away from sunlight, be moderate about the amount of light, partial water changes every few months and all that good stuff. then the DAY would arrive and bye-bye aquarium. Time passes and memories fade...

Civis Romanus Sum