Re: How smart is the mensa member.

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Measuring head size of various ethnic and racial groups was popular
in the late 19th century. I am surprised to find out it is still
going on and reported in a site of supposedly intelligent persons
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In many Asian countries math is viewed as being very important for
survival in a competitive world, thus the parents push math at an
early age for their children.
In many African countries math has less to do with survival than
knowing which animals, insects and plants to avoid. Thus, those
parents push that knowlege on their children.
So, intelligence is relative to the cultures and to the enviornment in
these 2 instances.
In this country (USA) a Phd in math won't help someone survive in the
streets of East L.A. and a street smart person would fail miserably on
Wall Street.
It's a fact that Asian kids score higher in math tests than other
ethnic populations, so, it it the head size or the parental influence,
Could be some of each plus a few other factors.