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You are on target, Norma, to point out Olly led a sheltered life.
You grew up on a farm, I worked as a printer for 7 years and no
language can phase me after that. There were only a few of us women.
I didn't take offense at the language, there was no point in it.
Many of us in this group worked in male dominated job situations.
And many of us worked to help support our families, and had more to
worry about than bit of profanity or scatology. So perhaps we do
need to recognize where Olly's life experiences and ours differ
greatly. And she needs to recognize this also.

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It isn't her anti cussing crusade that gets to me so much as her
numerous misinterpretations of the posts. I'm just tired of explaining
things to her again and again. I asked her what she was looking for in
the group and she explained what she was looking for 30 years ago. I
think I need an Olly break. :)

Good call.