Re: And We're Gonna Do It Again

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> The anonymity allows people to speak and behave in a manner that
wouldn't do in a face to face situation.
In real life they could at best be sued or at worst get a smack in the
++++++How's the law suit going with Gordon? I always liked him, even
though he did say unkind things about Americans sometimes. I think
that whole thing is so silly.

How comforting that is to many people who claim to speak their minds
( but only on the Internet <grin>)

The aim and content of both groups is so different as to be
incompatible. For many of us in SSI our favorite subject is whatever
is the current news.

But which current news....American Politics? if you are not an
American and you criticise then you can be told that 'what right have
you to be a critic' or 'go criticise your own Government'- then of
course the most common accusation 'all you ever do is Bush Bash'. Not
much of an encouragement is there?
Of course, we minority group of Australian posters may suggest
Australian Politics.....but does anybody know anything about that....?

++++++++We get news from Britain every day here but less than 1% of
any news from AU. Too bad cuz most Americans are quite fond of
Aussies. I know nothing about your politics except that the Labor
party is hoping to win. Americans are more bent out of shape now than
ever before in it's history. We have 3 branches of gov't which are
supposed to keep one or the other from getting too strong. Right now
we seem to have only one branch. This is not only disappointing to us,
it's downright frightening to see one's govt dismantled and tossed in
the trash.I don't think anyone in this group cares if someone from
another country bashes our gov't right now, they just better not bash
Americans themselves.:)

I would like to repeat what I have said before.....the only thing that
is requested on sixtyplus is courtesy and respect for the other
person's views. No subject is taboo - but it is a sad fact of
Internet usage that if there isn't argument then there is no
interest....Various people have admitted that without the stimulation
of argument (and I use the word in its true sense) civilised debate is
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+++++++++++I've been to 60+ often enough to see that courtesy and
respect are often tossed out the window and people can get quite hot
under the collar. But, then it goes away doesn't it? Just like here.
I've also noticed that when you guys are battling it out, those are
the longest threads. Just like here.
Stick around and you will find a lot more here than arguing, a whole
lot more. You might even like it and I know you would be a good
addition to the group.