Hi All,

You have (presumably) all heard me speak about my wonderful elderly neighbors. Their one daughter is married to a fellow who is only 52 years old, kids are in college, both very successful people who live in another state.

With no warning, that fellow, just 52 years old, dropped dead last night. No one knows why just yet.... (maybe a heart attack, maybe an aneurism)... at any rate, the reason is not so important just now. Their whole family is traveling to that other state just now to be with the daughter (and her kids) whose husband passed away.

Just had a chat with my husband about it, and we are having a little "fire drill" today in which he will pretend I just dropped dead and will have to find all pertinent papers, and then we will reverse that and I will have to locate and organize all his important papers.

Now while we are still alive and healthy it is important that we do this little drill. Military records, citizenship papers (if applicable) and everything else one needs should be at hand in case of emergency. I would probably be a sniveling and devastated mess if that happened to me. It is a sad thing, but life is so uncertain, you just never know.......

I can't imagine how it would be. Those of you who read here who have lost a husband probably already know.

Best Regards,