Re: Thank God for Joe Public !!!!!!! Stupid L.A. Times Article . . .

"Hawii Mahal" <hawa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
You must have a very low I.Q.
Tell me how many Marine Divisions are in Iraq and they still cannot
stop cross border infiltrators there.

"Nixon.D" <nixon.d@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Give me two Marine Divisions (with Air/Tech-support) and I'll CLOSE our
Southern Border in a matter of hours. We only need the brains and the
will !!


I'm a member of Mensa (was until 2004). That doesn't mean much to me but
you brought it up.

That's an entirely different scenario. It's a problem of leadership/orders
from the highest level. With the right orders and tech. support they
could CLOSE our southern border in 24 hours. Some would have to die; but
these are harsh times. Word travels extremely fast through Mexico (in
fact throughout Latin America and Around The World) in regard to even the
slightest change in U.S. policy toward "no borders". They all hate us.
They all want to become a part of us.

The plain fact is ---- Our large international corporations (the real
owners of the U.S. Federal Gov.) want NO INTERFERENCE with the flow of slave
labor from Mexico or from any other of the global cesspools. They care not
about the U.S. of A.; they care ONLY about their continued existence, their
BottomLine, and the padding of more $Billionaire Exec.s/Directors.

Now - - - do you need further detail ?? I don't think so.