Will Ellen Johnson Sirleaf be a U.S./corporate puppet?

The Bush administration and the U.S. media made a big deal about Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf being elected as President of Liberia, and there may be some not so hidden reasons behind that. What few in the media mentioned is that Ms. Johnson-Sirleaf is a long time member of the Western corporate establishment.

To begin, she is Harvard-educated. She was a VP at the corrupt and irresponsible Citibank (examples of their lack of ethics are too numerious to mention here), a senior loan officer at that fine loan-shark institution, the World Bank, and several other African banks. J-S obviously obviously came to these theiving banking jobs with the right qualifications; in 1979, while Minister of Finance, she was accused of stealing the equivilant of $3,000,000 U.S. (see the encyclopedia Wikipedia's website for reference). Her relationship with former xenophobic ruler Charles Taylor is questionable. She is a former supporter of his, and despite running on a platform of ending the violence that was Taylor's legacy, bringing those responsible to justice etc, she now says getting Taylor out of Nigeria to stand trial for his crimes is a "secondary priority" (news.bbc.co.uk, 01/27/06).

In a move that should please both neo-cons and "New Democrats" like Clinton/Gore/Lieberman etc, the J-S cabinet is filled with "technocrats" and economist-types like herself (see allafrica.com, 01/17/06).

It is no wonder that Bush representatives, including his wife, were there and not in Chile to witness the ignauguration of President Michelle Bachelet, a socialist and survivor the U.S. backed Pinochet dictatorship.