Would You Like to Make Some Extra Money in Your Spare Time? Here's a Get-Rich Scheme that Really Works.

There are two steps to this plan:

1. Move to Arizona or New Mexico or Texas (if you don't live there

2. Buy guns and sell them to Mexican drug cartels.

Here's an example of how a couple of people did it:

"After examining one suspect's garbage, agents learned he was on food
stamps yet had plunked down more than $300,000 for 476 firearms in six
months. [Dave Voth, supervisor of Fast and Furious] asked if the ATF
could arrest him for fraudulently accepting public assistance when he
was spending such huge sums. Prosecutor [Emory] Hurley said no. In
another instance, a young jobless suspect paid more than $10,000 for
a .50-caliber tripod-mounted sniper rifle. According to Voth, Hurley
told the agents they lacked proof that he hadn't bought the gun for
himself. [...]

Even if a suspect bought 10 guns that were recovered days later at
a Mexican crime scene, this didn't mean the initial purchase had been
illegal. To these prosecutors, the pattern proved little. Instead,
agents needed to link specific evidence of intent to commit a crime to
each gun they wanted to seize.

And if getting single-defendant prosecutions in cases like that was
hard, obtaining prosecutions of multiple defendants, including
bigwigs, in straw-purchasing and trafficking schemes was nigh on