Obamacare Adds 400% Increase to Military member's Tricare Fees

Obamacare Adds 400% Increase to Military member's Tricare Fees


While President Barack Obama is celebrating the survival of his
so-called "Affordable Care Act," he is busy making health care less
affordable for the nation's military families. As the Washington Free
Beacon reports, the President is threatening to veto a defense
appropriations bill unless military families have to pay higher fees
for TRICARE, the military's health insurance program. The Obama
administration ostensibly wants to help the Pentagon save money; the
real motive is to make TRICARE less attractive than costlier Obamacare

The Free Beacon notes that the bill that passed the House of
Representatives, with bipartisan support, refused to incorporate the
President's request for higher TRICARE fees--and the administration
has expressed displeasure.

Once again, we see that Obama's supposed devotion to military
families--a cause purportedly dear to the First Lady's heart--does not
extend beyond using military families as political props, whether as
salve for Obama's anti-war sentiments or as campaign-commercial fodder
to make Obama look like a better leader than he actually is. Despite
President Obama's penchant for referring to "his" solders, his
affected affection evidently only goes so far. Obama's real goal is to
protect Obamacare, and to advance his ambition of transforming the
nation--and if the health care of America's military families must
suffer, so be it. It's not as if he's relying on military votes.


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