Re: America's Healthcare Crisis: Is There aSolution?

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Is it a fear of transmitting animal diseases to the dead?

Either that or they think their god will be confused by something
without a soul being buried in hallowed, sacred, holy ground when he
comes to gather up the souls they think exist.

I'm not that attached to dead bodies myself, since I'm
an atheist so once you're dead, your body is just so
much rotting meat as far as I'm concerned.

Agreed. But this isn't a sentiment that's likely to catch on with the
religious types -- or the undertakers, coffin manufacturers, florists
etc. who make a good living on funerals.

We have the ashes of our previous dog and we both will be cremated and
all those ashes spread in the French country side.

Cremation, however leaves a carbon foot print. I am minimizing mine,
my weight has gone from 200 to 150 pounds in the last two years.
My disease is "progressing" and I anticipate possibly
one more year but not two. I have little mobility, I just
exited the hospital Thursday after a pacemaker was inserted
and a home visiting nurse will replace the bandages today.
My doctor lives in the same building, two floors down
and visited me yesterday to look over my EKGS.

Did you ask the people living in the countryside if they wanted your ashes?

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