Question for Right-Wingers. How Come You Have Such a Fruit Cake for a Presidential Candidate?

The Republicans appear to be in trouble everywhere you look. Voters
view Obama as being presidential; they look at Romney as being
irresponsible, if not frightening. Romney has offshore accounts and is
a former vulture capitalist who wears funny underwear and takes
vacations with his dog on top of his car. The Republicans have
alienated women and Latinos. Romney is behind in the polls in most, if
not all critical swing states. Approximately half of Americans view
themselves as better off now than when Obama took office. Obama got
bin Laden. Romney has been wishy-washy on the subject and he thinks
Russia is our No 1 foreign enemy. Romney, a Mormon, who has polygamist
ancestors, says marriage has always been between one man and one
woman. In short, he's a fruit-cake who wears funny underwear.

Oh, and did I mention, by the way, that Romney and the Republicans are
going full-steam ahead with their campaign to repeal Obamacare, while
most people oppose repeal?

Bloomberg Poll Shows 58% Oppose Repeal Of Health Care Reform
by Tommy Christopher | 1:41 pm, June 21st, 2012

Bloomberg News has released another round of results from their
newsmaking poll of likely voters this week, this one focusing on the
Affordable Care Act, some of which could soon be struck down by the
Supreme Court, and which Republican Mitt Romney has promised to repeal
if elected president. The poll shows that while a significant number
of likely voters would like to see small changes to the law, an
overwhelming 58% are opposed to its repeal. . . ."