Anybody We Know????

Seem familiar?

One of the best lines heard lately was from Izzy Kapp, a now retired
shop foreman from the old Republic Steel Plant in Cleveland . At 17
Izzy immigrated to the USA from England after his family escaped from
Poland when he was 12. A more proud American can not be imagined. He
often said, "I am overwhelmed by the opportunities my county offers

All five of his children graduated from college. One got an MS,
another got a JD, and the third an MD degree. It took Izzy 13 years of
night school to get a college degree.

When a young Black kid was being laid off at the end of his 90 day
evaluation period he confronted Izzy in the huge Republic Steel Plant
break room at lunch and tried to intimidate him with all sorts of
NAACP / ACLU / Etc threats.

"I want this on-the-record in front of everybody." the young man said.
"You' firin' me 'cause I'm Black!"

Without even looking up from his sandwich the foreman said,
"No. We hired you because you're Black. We're firing you because
you're useless."