Was it a doctor who killed Abe Lincoln ?

Reading this article, I see the doctor stuck his little finger n the
bullet hole in Lincoln's head. Wouldn't that cause complications ?


Discovered: The Story of the Doctor Who Tried to Save Abraham Lincoln

Dr. Charles Leale, was an Army surgeon sitting just 40 feet from
President that evening. When he saw Booth jump on stage, he suspected
something was immediately wrong and rushed to Lincoln?s side. The
report details what Leale found when he came to the president?s aid:

"... I commenced to examine his head (as no wound near the shoulder
was found) and soon passed my fingers over a large firm clot of blood
situated about one inch below the superior curved line of the
occipital bone. The coagula I easily removed and passed the little
finger of my left hand through the perfectly smooth opening made by
the ball...."

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