Republican Administration faked savings to privatize jobs.

Tuesday November 25, 2008

Bush Labor Department misled Congress in effort to privatize jobs

By John Byrne

President George W. Bush's Labor Department misled Congress in an
effort to prove outsourcing jobs to private companies was more
efficient than assigning the jobs to government employees, according
to a Government Accountability Office report released Monday.

The report (pdf here) found
that the Department used fictional projected numbers to improve
"savings reports" -- even when real numbers were already available.

And when the government did find private firms to take a government
job, that employee generally was either reassigned to another task
with the same title or promoted.

The effort was called "competitive sourcing," aimed to increase
government efficiency by having federal and private organizations
compete for providing services.

While part of a federal government approach since 1955, the Bush
Administration has made the approach a key element of the President's
Management Agenda under the Office of Management and Budget.

An investigation revealed, however, that the Labor Department -- under
direction from Bush budget officials -- deliberately withheld
information about true costs.


Ain't that ducky?