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It is important to democrats for us to not succeed in Iraq.
Very important. If they believed in a higher power, they would be
praying for rivers of blood. But, by the same token, that doesn't mean
that with the benefit of hindsight, invading Iraq was anything other
than a huge mistake.

However, had we not removed Saddam and Iraq turned into another training
center for international terrorists there is good reason to believe
terrorists would have utilized all of Hussein's scientific resources for
WMDs. Letting that happen would be a huge huge unforgivable mistake.

Point well taken.

If? Way to stretch.

Republican to English translation:
Good reason - Pitiful attempt to rationalize what has happened

Just a thought, perhaps we should encourage the fundamentalist Muslims
to pray that Allah should bring down his vengeance on the United States.
If they were true believers, then Allah would take care of the problem
without suicide bombers or terrorism in any form. But, anyone who
resorted to such measures would be demonstrating his/her lack of faith
and would be damned for the sacrilege. He/she is, according to the Holy
Quran, an Apostate and "shall have a grievous punishment" (16:105,107)

Likewise in this country, those on the religious right who pontificate
against Islam, should pray for God to smite "them hip and thigh with
great slaughter" (Judges 15:8). Where is their faith that they need to
resort to armed force that pales in comparison to the power of the
Almighty? It seems to me that this is a demonstration of weakness in
their faith. Surely an all-powerful God could take care of this little
problem before breakfast!

Why do we have to keep bailing out the religious zealots?

Deep down inside, most religious adults know that "it just
ain't true". When it comes down to really relying on their gods
to help them out, they know it's not going to work and they'd
better do something themselves.

It ain't necessarily so
It ain't necessarily so
The t'ings dat yo' li'ble
To read in de Bible,
It ain't necessarily so.