Oh those Johnny McCain preacher videos. A Repug disaster in the making.


May 7, 2008

The videos that could pose a problem for McCain

Over the weekend, the NYT?s Frank Rich raised a few eyebrows when he
highlighted the disconnect in the media between Obama?s relationship
with his controversial former pastor (Jeremiah Wright) and McCain?s
relationship with a crazed televangelist (John Hagee).

Rich?s point was both provocative and persuasive ? that the media
obsesses over Wright and gives McCain a pass on Hagee because of race.
?A sonorous white preacher spouting venom just doesn?t have the
telegenic zing of a theatrical black man,? Rich said.

NBC News? Tim Russert appeared on Don Imus? talk show yesterday, and
explained why the black preacher?s remarks receive wall-to-wall
coverage, while the white preacher?s remarks are largely ignored.

(via FDL) http://firedoglake.com/2008/05/07/oh-woe-is-timmeh/

IMUS: Big stretch for Frank Rich to suggest that Rev. Hagee, that
somehow McCain has the same relationship with him as Obama had with
Rev. Wright but he did run it up the flag pole yesterday, didn?t he.

RUSSERT: He sure did. There?s been a lot of chatter on that, you
know, about Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson?s comments after September
11th. If there was video of Hagee, it makes all the difference in the

At first blush, Russert?s point sounds compelling.

Television is obviously a visual medium, and people tend to respond
more to images than text.

(The Abu Ghraib torture had been reported on before it became an
international scandal, but few took notice until there were pictures.)
Seeing Wright say ?God damn America? from his pulpit generates an
emotional response, far more than reading about Hagee calling the
Roman Catholic Church, among other things, ?the great whore.?

But therein lies the problem with Russert?s defense for the media
giving McCain a pass:

there?s all kinds of video of Hagee, and it still hasn?t made all the
difference in the world.

This one, for example, features McCain?s buddy comparing the Catholic
Church to the Nazis.


?If there was video of Hagee, it makes all the difference in the

Does the DC bureau chief of NBC News not realize that videos like
these have been making the rounds for months?

The Frank Rich column that Russert was talking about mentioned this in
the first paragraph.

And there?s also video on Rod Parsley, a crazed televangelist touted
as a ?spiritual guide? for McCain.


And there?s also a video of Jerry Falwell, a prominent McCain ally
before his death a year ago, blaming 9/11 on Americans.


To hear Russert tell it, Wright has drawn scrutiny because of the
available video, while the radical preachers in McCain?s life are
ignored because of the lack of videos.

No wonder the media hasn?t been even-handed; major media personalities
like Russert don?t even realize these videos exist.


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