Re: How do you destroy a CD disk ?

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I hope someone can help me with this problem. Over the past few years I
have filled up several CD-R disks with various bits of information and
backup files. Now I would like to destroy them and make sure nobody can
read these disks and possibly discover bank account numbers and other
personal things that may be on them.

Which side of a CD-R contains the information ? The bottom - shiny side
-- or the top side with the printing ?

The information is on the top side, but under a thin coating.

My idea is first to use a disc sander on the information side and then
take scissors and cut the disks up into 4 pieces -- and then throw them
in the garbage. Will this work to prevent people reading them ?

Put it in a microwave, on a sheet of paper (to keep from getting stains
the floor of the oven). Turn on the microwave for the two seconds or so
that it takes to go "bzzt". The information surface inside the plastic
will be shot through with burned or vaporized lines, rendering it
unreadable by any means. It may smell a little funky. Don't just let it
keep running or it could catch fire.

On the slim chance that anyone is interested in a definitive document on
DVDs, they could try The National Institute of Standards and Technology's
Special Publication 500 - 552 put out by the Department of Commerce. It's
has some spiffy pictures on where the data is and some information on how
to destroy it. If your background isn't technical, and no one will admit
to that, it would appear that fingernail polish remover, if I remember
the advice from a high school science teacher correctly, would be adequate
for removing the data.

From what Islander said, I gathered that the pits are in the aluminum. I
don't see how damaging the plastic coating would destroy the pits. Islander
suggested gouging the top with a screwdriver or something. That would at
least make some of the aluminum unrecoverable.

Or did I misunderstand?