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Billie wrote:
Jerry Okamura wrote:
It seems to me that whenever any of us asks the question "what are you
getting paid for what you post", the same question can be asked of the
person who is asking the question, i.e. "what are you getting paid for
what you post"?

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Welcome, Billy. I'm so glad to note that from your recent extensive
posts in our newsgroup, we'll now have the latest information on how
our government is successful in everything it touches in Iraq. I
can't help but wonder if you get paid for your efforts by the word or
if you're just doing it as a right wing hobby.

You're like a fresh breath of horse puckey doling out those buckets of
Bush-aggrandizing propaganda to us iggorant over-the-hill, retired
peons. Just what we needed to bring clarity to us in order to let us
know what our tax dollars (as well as those of our children and our
grandchildren) are doing for us in that armpit of the Middle East,
Iraq. I'm so proud.

But welcome anyway, would be unseemly to be ungracious.
I'm sure that you've noticed by now how gracious we old folks can be.

George Z.

George Z. Bush is not at all happy with positive progress by
the U.S. military in Iraq.

George Z. Bush is not at all happy with all of the bullshit fed to the
public about what goes on in Iraq by the administration. As it turns
out, George Z. Bush is in step with the feelings of the majority of
Americans about that and the yokels who blindly follow the Pied Piper are
the ones who don't have a clue. Therefore, no apologies are needed from
me and none are made.

It all boils down to our personal biases/opinions, which may be the right
position to take or it may be the wrong position to take. Of course we
never really know "if" we have taken the right position,

it's very easy to tell based on past results, at least the last 7 years

if you're a conservative you're wrong, if you're a liberal you're right

you people haven't done anything right in 7 years