Re: Kelly has a lot to learn

On May 9, 5:19 am, Meteorologist <dchristain...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You are mostly incapable of looking inwardly at yourself
and developing maturity of character.  

You're projecting again, Davey.

Were you
a practicing Christian, you would do this.

Really? Is that found someplace in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures?
If so, then a "practicing Christian" is expected to behave in that
manner. If not, well...seems to me you are once again trying to apply
rules to Christianity that don't exist.

I recommend that you try to be quakerly.

Why would you recommend that someone who isn't a Quaker "try to be
quakerly"? In many ways, a born-again Christian being "quakerly" is
akin to a Christian trying to be Buddhist.