Re: Tom McDonald's mistake from the recent thread on the movie "Blow-up"

On Mar 11, 6:14 pm, Wannabe Weatherbwai <pchristain...@xxxxxxxxx>
Further -

You mean "non sequitur".

<snip crunchylink>
<snip crunchypaste>

So, here is the real reason I,

There you are "not" talking about yourself again,
Davey boy. Funny. Crunchy, but very funny.

not Tom McDonald,
brought this subject up on SRQ in the first place.

But then you refused to discuss it. You just
crunched and kookdanced and pasted links
and threw your usual entirely predictable
temper tantrum.

If you want further conversation with me,

Nobody wants conversation with you. One of
the countless reasons is that you have proven,
over and over again, that your are incapable of
conversation. You're just too crunchy!

character up.

You mean you're quacking up. Very quackerly
of you. If you wanted a conversation, maybe you
shouldn't have refused when it was offered. I guess
you're just too crunchy. It really must suck to be
so crunchy, but it's your choice. Crunch crunch!

Tom made a mistake, and he admitted it. That's
what normal people do (of course, you're too crunchy
to be normal). His mistake was to confuse you for
a rational human being capable of conversation.

He was wrong. Everyone's wrong sometimes. You're
not a rational human being. You're not capable of
conversation. You're a crunchy quackerly kook with
the temerament of a two-year old who needs a nap.

Davey "Crunchy Boy" Crunchystain

Now it's your turn to paste your latest meaningless
catch-phrase attempt at an insult. Don't forget to