Re: My suggestion: Afghan War is a tar baby for America

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On Dec 14, 9:18 am, crunch <pchristain...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Doesn't the reader see my bottom-line point?

I say the Taliban will simply wait until American
troops leave within 2 years.

Further, I say President Obama's war plan is
too costly for the squeeze of the hard economic
times.  I can easily foresee devalutaion of the US

I would love to hear what other SRQers have to
say on this matter.

Then you will be waiting a very long time because, unless you are
using Microsoft's Screen Narrator, Usenet is a read-only format.

But who do you think you are kidding, Soggy?

I've been gone from SRQ some time and you've
had ample time to re-consider your old, rude behaviour.
Please do a 180 on your conversational manners.

You may start by taking me at face value; you may
follow thru with a sincere show of politeness.

 It's not someone else's
opinion you're interested in,

You need to do a major re-think here. You have
always completely misunderstood my essential personality.

it's whether or not you can somehow
segue the above into something that highlights Thiering, Qumran, your
divorce, your expulsion from Wellesley meeting, and/or your unproven
claims of being a meteorologist.

You are light-years away from the truth here and the truth
will set you free.

 In short, you are just looking for
another way to feed your need for more narcissistic supply.

You are keep-deep in your old prejudice. I spotted it
a mile away.

Whether you change your egotism is, of course, up to you
but I do make the request.

My Carribean Cruise, just completed, did wonders for my
emotional outlook. (Jet-skiing on St. Martin's etc.)

I recommend that an intelligent woman such as yourself
try it sometime.

David Christainsen