Re: Division and Illusion (was Re: Qv2)

jendow.zhendao@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

By law men can marry only
once, but for a lot of money they can "rent" a second, third, fourth...
more... wife for as long as they like.

I wonder if that isn't a worthy idea to revisit, with modifications, in
a culture with so many worthy "available" women and a dearth of similar
men in their approximate age cohort.

Of course, the modification would have to stipulate that
"rent-a-wives" would be in that same age cohort as the renter. . .<g>

The common ground seems to me that on both sides of the
world, men want to wander and don't want women to wander, while women
want security.

But to make it more complex, that rule seems to apply better in the
reproductive years than it does after. And these days, the "after"
story is almost as long as the "before."

The western stories end with marriage for women and a homecoming to
replace their own "fathers" for men. Both honor the biolgoical
imperative to reproduce and create genetic diversity.

What about the rest of the story? How many Western (because that's the
only culture I know anything about) relationships come under stress
when the women grow restless to spread their wings and the men begin to
appreciate more the comforts of home and security?

So far, we seem to be caught in a second-half story in which men
revisit their heroic myths by forming armchair allegiances with "teams"
in conflict, while women pursue "freedom"--willingly or not--cut loose
from their families and society.

I like to imagine a golden age in which the second half men and women
nurture, build, restore, protect, inspire, and create safer spaces for
everyone's progeny.