Re: Oops! LDS Church Made a 'Tiny Mistake'!

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Having been a financial clerk for 5 years, I find the spin a little har=
to swallow. =3DA0The LDS church is a bureaucratic machine. =3DA0They li=
kely k=3D
all of their expenses the day after they were made.

Give me a break - when was the last time you tried to correct an
returned check or wrongly assigned financial issue - like assigned to
budget rather than the other account. SLC audits and eventually gets
things correct - but having them done the next day is a pipe dream.
Additionally, identifying which things would need to be reported as
"in-kind" donations for an organization that had not lobbied for quite
some time would require legal assistance, review, training of
employees and follow-up.



The church bureaucracy knew about those expenses BEFORE they were
paid, not the day after. I have been in stake and ward positions
where I had to deal with the church bureaucracy, and such expenses are
not incurred without PRIOR APPROVAL from Salt Lake. The legal advice,
etc. would all have been completed well BEFORE the fact.

I have read the press release. I have seen the news reports. I know
that neither can be taken as complete and absolute truth. However, I
stand by my opinion that, like in the Mountain Meadows issue, the
church would have preferred to keep quiet. They only came out with a
public statement when it became obvious that another source was
bringing the whole situation to light. Really, it is merely good PR