Re: Mixed Marriages

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Minun olisi pitänyt tietää, olisi pitänyt tietää,
olisi pitänyt tietää KUKA SINÄ OLET, Gerald Fuller:

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Btw his wife keeps the WoW my aunt said.

Not to be argumentive, but "Which parts"?

Probably not the parts about no meat. Mormons try to pretend that
that doesn't exist. And the barley drinks thing is kind of passe,

I don't know much about "Mormons" in general. I do know some of my fellow
members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I don't know
any of them that pretend that the Word of Wisdom says nothing about eating
meat. I do know that most of us who can read realize that it says that we
should eat meat sparingly, but of course what one thinks is sparing another
may think is excessive. Fortunately, what matters in the long run is how our
Father in Heaven looks at what we have done. He understands us perfectly,
which none of us can say about ourselves, that is none of us can say we
understand any of the rest of us, and maybe not even ourselves, perfectly.

Out of curiosity, what language is that at the top of this post?