Re: Word of Wisdom

John S.Colton wrote:
and there is
no scripture that supports alcohol prohibition, etc...

Perhaps not if you don't believe Brigham Young was authorized to
declare the will of the Lord in this matter.

Whatever Brigham Young might have said about the
WoW, it did not make it into the scriptures. So
like I said, there is no mormon scripture that supports
alcohol prohibition. And the WoW specifically warns
against prohibition.

Honest research also shows that prohibition incubates
addiction. That there are more alcoholics in prohibitionist
societies than in societies where alcohol is readily available
to anyone regardless of age.

Reference, please?

"prohibitions can increase demand through
a 'forbidden fruit' effect, meaning a tendency
for consumers to desire that which has been
forbidden to them.

I find this very hard to believed, and in fact I've
seen statistics directly to the contrary.

Statistics based on chirosis of the liver are not
reliable as a measure of alcohol addiction.

AFAIK the alcoholism rate in
the US *decreased* dramatically during the prohibition era, and
*increased* dramatically as soon as prohibition was repealed.

"As it turned out, more people became addicted:
Alcohol was more dangerous to the consumer
because it was not regulated, "

"The death rate from alcoholism bottomed out just
before the enforcement of Prohibition and then returned
to pre-World War I levels.[29] That was probably the
result of increased consumption during Prohibition
and the consumption of more potent and poisonous
alcoholic beverages."

Having personally known a few alcoholics, and the devestation caused
to their families, I completely disagree with you on this point.

I have found zealousness to be more devestating to family
life than alcoholicism.