The Pharoah of Egypt was Christ..

..anointed with crocodile oil which was called
Messiah. Mary is an ancient Egyptian name
means beautiful. Moses was an ancient
Egyptian name meaning son or child.
The Hymn of Akhenaten is identical
of Psalm verse. Many proverbs in the
book of proverbs could be found in ancient
Egyptian literature. Horus son of Osiris
was thrown into the Nile in a basket when
he was a baby. Osiris was killed, mutilated
and then risen alife. Isis was portrayed
with Horus just like the icon Mary and baby
Jesus. The seven year famine was circulated
in ancient Egyptian litreture before the
story of Joseph. There is a statue of Horus
in a horse killing the dragon long before
st. George. There is no any evidence
of a kingdom of David and Solomon in
Palestine nor there was a mention of them
in ancient Egyptian or Mesopotamian
records. In ancient Egypt they believed
in ressurection after death, trial and Heaven
and Hell (sort of). We don't need Jewish
fiction to believe in one Universe under God.