Re: After The Rapture

On May 7, 8:44=A0pm, Frank <roi...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
After the Rapture,
those still on earth should not give up hope.
The greatest harvest of souls ever seen is yet to come.

There is no biblical subscription to this. You are
speculating. In fact, the scriptures paint a different
picture. Of Israel, 2/3rds remain unbelieving.
Zech 13:8,9. Of the Gentiles, they will have a
God sent "deluding spirit so that they might believe
what is false in order that they all may be judged
who did not believe the truth but too pleasure in

If you are one of those who remain on earth,
this is why:
At the time of the Rapture,
you were not trusting in Christ alone for salvation
so that he could regard his righteousness and victory yours.

"My sheep hear My voice." They are not raptured
because they are not His sheep.

The righteousness required for salvation is not your own
but rather is the righteousness of Christ regarded by him
as though yours when your trust is on him alone.
That is the Scriptural truth Christ showed from heaven
to begin the Protestant movement, but as time went by,
the "experts" supposed they knew better, and went back
to teaching salvation is by surrender as had the false church
that the Lord Jesus brought his people out from.

The generation of the Tribulation lasts about forty years.

Whaaaaaaat? More non-biblical foolishness.

It will be evident from the Rapture, Christ has taken those
whose trust is on him alone for salvation, those he regards
to have his own righteousness and thus his own victory.
That gospel of grace will be preached to all nations on earth.

John makes it clear that the 144,000 are Jewish and that
they do not preach to the nations but to the Nation. i.e. Israel.
Will Gentiles be saved during The Time of Jacob's Trouble,
or the Great Tribulation? Yes, but they will be few in number
and it will cost them dearly. Few. Very few will escape
The Delusion. "NOW is the day of salvation." "The night
time comes when no man can work."

Because Christ has taken millions without a trace into heaven,
false Christs showing wonders will claim to be him on earth.
The world will war against those who trust in Christ alone,
but hundreds of millions from all nations will be saved and
look for Christ to come in great glory in the skies for them.

"hundreds of millions?" This is a vain hope. It has no
biblical support. Look at our churches today. The remnant
even in the churches is SMALL. And you think that after
the Restrainer has been removed that there will be a
sudden worldwide evangelistic explosion? If they do not
accept Christ today, they will not accept Him in the day
of His wrath. Period.

I understand your heart but I also understand what the
scriptures teach.