Re: With a pinch of salt

On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Jacob wrote:

There are many "new" ideas and techniques coming up these days which
sound interesting and intriguing. Don't fall flat for them without
checking to see if they fit in with the principles of the gospel.
Clearer understanding of known truths are welcome, but discoveries of
"new" truths and "revelations" may be received with a pinch of salt
till they are proved to fall in line with other truths.

If we walk carefully, we can avoid a lot of danger.

B - and if Jesus or God comes down to earth (through to earth?) and says
"hey howdy"....please run to your Bibles and check it first...after all
you can't believe your own eyes..your own instincts..that still small
voice....can you? and whilst you are doing this....God and I will be
playing checkers and sharing a Coke.