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A reading of the passages in the bible of Christ, post resurrection,
are indicative that His body wasn't physical at that time. See
accounts of the meeting with Mary Magdalene and His meeting with the
disciples after His resurrection.
My understanding of the Baha'i teachings is that what was vitally
important was the message He gave and the Laws and Ordinances He left.
Hyman wrote.
if Christ physically ascended with a
normal physical body He would have suffocated due to
lack of oxygen if he had not frozen to death somewhere
in the stratosphere.

This is a common Bahai view of limiting
the ability of God to transport His servant
Jesus (3alayhe's'Salaam) from earth to
Muhammed (3alayhe's'Salaam) in Surat
Al Israa (17: 1 )was transported to the
most nearnest from earth to heaven, I dont
know how Bahai explaine that from the Qur'an.
Here is the Sura in Question.
Al Israa 17:1
[Glorified be He Who carried His servant by night from the Inviolable
Place of Worship to the Far Distant Place of Worship the neighborhood
whereof We have blessed...]

Wa Salaam.

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