Re: Baha'is need a new strategy

"Matt Menge" <mspmenge@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>Non-Baha'is tend to see any reference to the Baha'i Faith as almost an
>intrusion into their spiritual life<

We need to figure out ways to share non-Baha'is spirituality without
intrusion. Directly offering the Writings is often seen as intrusion.

I say we find ways to join them, to help them on their spiritual paths. It
has been my experience that when we are there to share the spirit,
non-Baha'is consider us experts in spirituality. In my small town there
are few events outside the churches, so at almost every event I am asked
about my congregation at the Baha'i church, and where is that church anyway,
and should they call me reverend or what?

We need public events that help people with their own spirituality. If we
can't attend theirs, we can host our own, exploring different paths to God.
The simple truth is, ours is the straightest, but each one must discover
that for oneself.


>>>If, on the other hand, Baha'is are known as those people who read long
> quotes, who meet in people houses, who pounce on any visitors with long
> quotes, well, that is what I have seen.
> Dear Ken,
> I will have to admit that I DO treat Baha'is differently than
> non-Baha'is. Non-Baha'is tend to see any reference to the Baha'i Faith
> as almost an intrusion into their spiritual life. Baha'is rarely do.
> That is a big difference.
> Best Regards,
> Matt