Re: Baha'is need a new strategy

>>That is my question. Can we find other things to encourage? Can we avoid
discouragement in the forma of substituting a phrase from the writings
every spiritual urge we see in others? Are we using the Baha'i
Writings as
an opiate for those who wish to act? Can love and encouragement replace
reflex for pointing people to the Writings? Would the Faith be better
served if we could?

Dear Kent,

I agree that we should be as encouraging as possible to to other
Baha'is. I know Shoghi Effendi and 'Abdu'l-Baha were this way, and
apparently Baha'u'llah was as well. Generally, the impulse to point
people to the Writings is based on the idea that Baha'u'llah's Words
are more meaningful and carry more influence than our own. I am of
course very grateful when Baha'is decide to read more, but that is not
the point. The point is that Baha'u'llah explains things better than I
do, much better.

Best Regards,