Re: Stoning to death - Barbaric

On 1/6/06, Douglas McAdam <douglasmcadam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

But I
> am sure that none of us can judge and entire religion saying "my
> religion is more spiritual than yours" and yet this is what I run into
> a lot, especially with fundamentalists.

You took the words out of my mouth.

> What I recall Gilberto is that
> in the course of our discussions you objected to the principle of
> progressive revelation feeling it was putting down previous to Baha'i
> religions.

Yes, progressive revelation, as its been explained to me, seems to
suggest a time-based hierarchy where more recent religions are more
spiritually advanced than earlier religions.

> And we have tried repeatedly to explain this but to no
> avail.

I'm not sure what there is to explain.

> Also it is my recollection that Yassir has continually made it clear
> that he feels that Baha'i is less spiritual than his brand of the
> Muslim faith.

I'm not sure what that has to do with our conversation.

> I cannot speak for all Baha'is but as near as I can recall I have not
> read on this forum where Baha'is are saying they are more spiritual
> than you or others.

And again, if Bahais are not saying that they are more spiritual than
Muslims can you show me somewhere that Bahais are saying that Muslims
today are more spiritual than Bahais today or that Muslims today are
equal in terms of spiritual advancement to Bahais today??