Re: Progressive Revelation of Angels and Feminism

Are you saying that the progression is symbolic and is a reflection of
how the story of religious history is told from a Bahai perspective?

Or are you saying that this reflects a real difference in the quality
or nature of the revelation received by the various individuals.

On 1/4/06, Kent Johnson <kent@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Abraham received revelation from a Stone, Moses from a Bush, Jesus from a
> Dove, Mohammad from the Angel Gabriel, the Bab from drinking the blood of
> the angel Gabriel, and Baha'u'llah from the Maid from Heaven.

That actually is an interesting pattern. I'm not sure I'd heard of all
the references.

Which stone are you saying Abraham got revelation from? The Blackstone
of the Kaaba? The idol which Abraham mocked for being lifeless?

Does saying the Jesus received revelation from a Dove mean the Bahai
faith in any sense supports something close to Adoptionism?
(Adoptionism is the idea that Jesus was born an ordinary human but was
"adopted" by God at some point later on... many would say it happened
at Christ's baptism when the heavens opened up, a dove came down, and
a voice from heaven said "Thou art my son and today I have begotten

In general, weren't many Biblical figures visited by angels, sometimes
in human form, Hagar, Mary, Moses' mother, Abraham, Lot, Jacob, etc.

At least the way I see things, each prophet has there own special
characteristics to be appreciated and I'm not sure I would insist on a
chronological progression. For example, one verse of the Quran says:

[4.164] And (We sent) apostles We have mentioned to you before and
apostles we have not mentioned to you; and to Musa, Allah addressed
His Word, speaking (to him):

So for Muslims, Moses is recognized as the one who spoke with God
directly. But there is no issue of one-up-manship
That's his title and we don't have to try to top him.