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Where is my post? Is Web TV incapable of quoting? If it is capable of
quoting then please enable it so I and everyone reading your post will
see my post and all previous replies. If Web TV is incapable of
quoting then I recommend you find a proper ISP. Thanks.

Dear X, The question of how many homes John McCain owns is irrelavent,

The question of how many homes John McCain owns is relevant to me and
should be relevant to millions of other Americans who are having trouble
making their mortgage payments or have already lost their homes. I want
to know why John McCain can't remember how many homes he owns. Is he
senile? Does he have Alzheimer's? Is he so rich that this matter is too
trival to merit his concern? I know how many homes I own, why doesn't
McCain remember how many he owns?

he has more important issues on his mind, besides it's his wife who's
rich not him. You should ask "po but honest"

When did he say he was poor? Please give link to reliable source
substantiating your contention that Obama claims to be poor.

Obama how he managed to afford a $500,000 Harvard education? And how
he can afford a $2 million home and pay $10,000 a month for his
daughter's piano lessions? Ask him how many of his friends are
billionaires? Yeah Obama's just "one of us" A Mr. Smith goes to
Washington wanna be!

Please substantiate any of that by giving links to reliable sources that
back up any of those statements. Any reasonable person will need more
than your word.