Re: Logic and Our Current Situation

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As I do an article on each of the seven I will build my thesis on why
they are in that order and why, in the context of the Fellowcraft
degree, geometry is listed as the most important.
I always assumed that it was just a conventionality; but then again,
I have often wondered the same way about the alphabet. Why are the
characters listed in that particular order? Is it because of that
stupid song?
Mystical/poetic truth
through faith is a part of the third degree lessons so it doesn't appear
directly in my discussions of the seven liberal arts and sciences as I
currently visualize the rest of the series.
Here again, your research may be hindered via the tyranny of the
?OR.? Touching upon the face of T.G.A.O.T.U. is aided when the subject
employs both faith and science. To exemplify I will point out the
bumble bee. Aerodynamically speaking the bee should not be able to
fly. By the rules of science this particular creature should not be
able to survive. But as an instrument for pollination the bee is so
essentially necessary that it must exist, so T.G.A.O.T.U. simply wills
it so. This illustration, puerile as it may be, employs both faith
?AND? science.
. Mixing alegory and astronomy is all about
mystical/poetic truth though both philosophy and faith.
My eldest brother has a PHD in Astronomy which he received when he
was just 26 years old. I like to point out to him from time to time
that the ancients employed faith to explain the universe which was
limited for them to what could be perceived by the naked eye. Now, we
have advanced instruments which my biological brother, who is not a
Mason, designs. His company designed the Deep Space instrument package
in the Hubble, the FUSE satellite, the UAV Observatory etc. What the
science could use now is an update and reintroduction of faith ?and?
science to explain phenomena. To comprehend both the vastness and
simultaneous singularity of space and time, to stare into the abysmal
darkness of a Black Hole or to comprehend the explosive force of the
Quasar, must require a bit of Him Who Does All Things Well to grasp at
the wonder.
Are there allegorical lessons to be found in modern astronomy the
same way that the ancients taught morality with their handful of
Any system of logic will
contain true statements that can not be proved using that system.
?Or? so we assume.
Wow, that's a mixed list.
There?s a specter that haunted twentieth century Masonry. Break
Free, my Brothers, all you have to loose are your chains.
That's advanced enough that the
first articifer in metal is mentioned in a different degree. It's
almost as if this stuff was planned like that, isn't it?
When the Ancients and Moderns unified, the Lodge of Reconciliation
discarded the ?old points? in favor of ?new points? because the
popular entertainment at the time was lecturing. American and English
relations being what they were then, for nineteenth century Masonic
life, the old points persisted on this side of the big water while the
Lodge of Promulgation saw to it that the various English Systems
permanently set them aside. These points are those that Joseph Smith
stole for his Temple Endowment Ceremony here in Illinois. They formed
the basis of the degree formula where each part of our ceremonials
exemplified the characteristics of the differing Tribes of Israel. The
Salvation Army, even, developed these points to form the formula for
their twelve step program. Again, faith and science, taken together,
forms the basis of the most useful knowledge; and though our English
cousins took a more scientific and less faith based approach, we all
will be enriched as these lost elements are again made plain.
Or, so I pray.

Torence Evans Ake
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