Re: A Bill for Masonic Rights and Duties

On Feb 16, 4:31 pm, Mudge <Nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I guess it would be quite impertinent to ask about our collective
Masonic "responsibilities" - but then, responsibility, is not a 21st
Century thing, is it ?

I believe that you and I are using the words "Duty" and
"Responsibility" interchangeably. Our responsibiilites to our God, our
Country, our Family, or Neighbor and Ourselves is Masonically deemed
our duty. Duty seems to me, if anything, then more specific.

Torence Evans Ake
Secretary - Auburn Park Lodge No. 789 - Crete, Illinois
PM - Arcadia Lodge No. 1138 - Lansing, Illinois

BES (in Calgary)
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